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Happily Ever After

Way back in 1977, my mom took me on a rare vacation from Seattle to Anaheim. It was my first experience with Disneyland and we stayed at the Disneyland Hotel.

Now flash forward 20 plus years to last week when Wendy and I had the privilege of photographing Tasha and Jonathan’s wedding. 
Guess where it took place? Yep, more then twenty years later, I found myself back at the Disneyland Hotel. 
Jonathan is a chef and Tasha is an Insurance Agent. Their fairy tale story started when Tasha and Jonathan first met each other at a bus stop. They started talking, emailing, then dating,  and well things took off from there. 
Tasha and Jonathan are probably the nicest and most easy going people one would ever meet.

One of the “koolist” things they had at the ceremony was a horse drawn crystal carriage complete with coachmen.   Many of you may recognize it as just like Cinderella’s Coach in the animated movie, her transportation pumpkin to and from the royal ball.
Doesn’t Tasha look like a beautiful princess going to the royal ball to meet her Prince Jonathan?  Let’s not forget the glass slipper which one of the coachmen carried the ring with. 

The wedding ceremony took place in the Rose Court Garden which features an open lawn with a huge gazebo.

Everyone had a blast at the reception in the Sleeping Beauty Pavilion.

And so the story ends as  Tasha and Jonathan rode off into the sunset and they live happily ever after!

Congratulations Tasha and Jonathan!  Thank you for allowing us to share your magical special day! 

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