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Kim & Cory: That’s the Way I like it

With Kim and Cory, the third time was the charm. We had scheduled their engagement session at two other times. Each time it rained. So finally in typical Hollywood movie fashion, we got 80 degree and perfect sunny blue sky weather for our third attempt.

It was with excitement that Wendy and I made our way to Laguna Beach to photography their special engagement session. We have been and shot here before.  Kim and Cory had some great ideas of their own that we were really looking forward to doing.

They are such a gorgeous couple that people couldn’t help but stare.  Everywhere we went, people would ask ‘Are you a celebrity?’ . Why, YES!  They totally have the star quality in them.

Every shot was easy and fun throughout the session. The camera loves Kim and so do we!  As for Cory, by the time we made ourselves down to the beach, it was obvious that he was a natural. He was always ready for the shot, was comfortable posing himself,  and I couldn’t help teasing him a little that he must be moonlighting somewhere as a model.

We love shooting at the beach and its always fun for everyone.

Even in the little time we spent with them, it was easy to see the strong emotional bond they have for each other.

So do a little dance and make a little love.

Get down tonight.

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