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Laura and Tyrus: Do you want to go faster?

When I was in Elementary school we used to get free passes to the Western Washington State Fair.
One of the more exciting rides at the fair was the one that spun everyone around real fast. It was like a horizontal Ferris wheel or a merry-go-round on speed, but without the scary horses.
To add to the knuckle clenching sheer velocity effect the guy running the ride had a microphone and during the ride he would ask just one thing, “Do you want to go faster?”
Of course it didn’t matter what the riders said, yelled, or screamed in terror. For you are about to go faster, hang on, take a deep breath, and most of all enjoy it.
Right from our first meeting, I knew that Laura and Tyrus were a couple that had something special.  The way they gazed into each other’s eyes, I could feel the deep love and adornment they have for each other.
I was thrilled to be a part of one of the biggest events in their lives. The Ceremony was held at McLean Overlook at Chino Hills State Park.  The view was simply magnificent!  Go back and look at the photos I took atop the park. Go ahead, I’ll wait. It is so kool (that is how I spell it) and I had no idea this place existed so close to my house.
One of the things I love about being a wedding photographer is that I get to go to amazing locations and venues that I would otherwise never knew existed.  Laura and Tyrus’ reception took place at the beautiful estate, Lilikoilani. Yes it took me 2 attempts to spell that and I still don’t know if I pronounce it correctly. Any Hawaiians out there?  Anyway, the estate is simply gorgeous.  More importantly, the food was delicious!  The management and entire staff were extremely hospitable, courteous, and friendly.
I also had a lot of help from the guys at Final Touch Entertainment. The DJ’s,  Alex and his crew, were really helpful not only keeping me up to date on what was coming up, but taking care of the Bride and Groom through out the reception. Thanks guys!
There are many rides in this world. Sometimes instead of taking a ride I like to run them. For example,  one way I can ask the riders if they want to go faster is to suddenly jump up on a table and take their pictures –  see the image below.
“Smile Tyrus, Smile!”
Despite my playfulness, I know that no matter the ride they take, Laura and Tyrus will be enjoying it.  Congratulations Laura and Tyrus!

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