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A Golden Couple

When I first got a call from Jacquie about her parents’ anniversary, I was beyond thrilled!  How lucky I was to have the honor and privilege to be part of a Golden Anniversary (50 years)!

I was so touched once I met them and could easily see the strong love between Alfonso and Caroline.

Listening to their story of how they met and how playful they were together made for a very special and magical celebration.  You see how hard Caroline was laughing here?  Well, so was I.  They are such a fun loving couple!

The entire family was so wonderful!  They invited me to have dinner with them.  All night I laughed and chatted with everyone.  I almost felt like a member of the family than the photographer.  Thank you so much, Alfanso, Caroline, and everyone in your lovely family!  I’m so grateful and extremely lucky to be a part of such a grand and very golden celebration.  May you celebrate many more anniversaries to come!


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