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Keep It Comin’ Love – Kim & Cory’s Wedding Part 1

This is Kim & Cory walking down the beach right after their wedding  ceremony had just ended. However, a lot of  thought and wonderful things happened before this.

Wendy and I first met Kim & Cory over a year ago to discuss their wedding plans. We immediately felt a connection and were so happy they booked us. We got even more excited after we had a blast shooting their engagement portraits in Laguna Beach (see them here). They were so much fun, not to mention beautiful, to photograph.  Both of them are naturals in front of the camera.  

Every wedding is unique, but as we first arrived at the location in Carlsbad, we immediately loved the charm of the wedding details (tons of photos of Kim & Cory, many taken by us), the friendliness of those closest to them,  and the couple themselves. 

Kim’s wedding gown was absolutely gorgeous with intricate details perfect for the gorgeous bride!  



 We love the excitement in the air as the couple gets ready just before the wedding. The combination of family and friends mixed with the glowing realization that THE day has finally arrived. 

Knowing we have the luck and honor of capturing it all for such a great and fun loving couple, makes any work not work at all. 

 And then seemingly all too quickly, it happens! 

We get to share the joy and fantastic expression of two people uniting together. Highlighted with Native American spirituality and influences.


Now even though the ceremony is over, they keep walking together. Physically probably somewhere in New Zealand or Fiji now on their honeymoon, but still in all the hearts of everyone attending and two lucky photographers who were fortunate to share that special day with them. 

Keep it comin love Kim and Cory

and we will too with more in part 2 of their wedding coming soon.

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