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All cakes can be different and unique,

but some take that extra step that well see for yourself.

I found Cake Wrecks a while back, but keep coming back to it for the sheer bizarre reality of some choices people make. What is wrong with a simple good tasting cake. This is one of my favorites-I’m not eating that.

Dresses can also be very different,

however, they too can take a turn to the unexpected.

Tacky Weddings is another site that is worth a peak once in while. As you can tell by the name it is also devoted to the bad choices people can make. Stand back, here are some of my favorites: 

We have Camouflage Dresses.

Then the defying gravity dress or ust maybe go for the hot pink make my eyes bleed choice. 

Call me conservative, but I’m thinking I’ll stick with tradition and keep the Valentines Day type heart design and shun this

I like inflatable as much as the next guy…errrrr  Anyway, I think I might have to charge more to shoot in here.  
Okay more dresses, how about a Peacock dress
Finally lets just put the cake and dress together here



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