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Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Many of you know that Wendy and I visited Thailand for our honeymoon last month. However, as a special add on before we came home we also went to Angkor Wat in Cambodia

We had both seen the cool scenes with Angelina Jollie in the movie Tomb Raider and we were really excited to see and experience those same 12th century ruins ourselves as part of our trip. 

It was so much larger and more wondrous then we ever could have imagined.

Each temple (it would take months to visit them all) had a different characteristic and unique charm. Although I severely twisted my ankle half way through the first day while shooting and stepping onto a broken step, nothing was going to stop me from seeing and climbing everything.

Lost and rediscovered by western cultures in the 19th century, despite the heat (105 degrees, 92% humidity) we discovered for ourselves a new marvel and  fascination for Angkor Wat in 2012.  You can see more of my images of Angkor Wat and other places on my travel page here and check out the Wikipedia page I’ve linked here and at the top to find out even more details and history.

Allen Taylor Photography

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