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I Am Beautiful – 50’s

(By Wendy Chen)

I (Wendy) met Sherri over 12 years ago.  My first impression of her was how strikingly beautiful she was; tall, lean, and full of confidence.  She was one of those BB girls, you know, Beauty and Brain.  Even though she left the company about a year later, we’ve kept in touch through the years.  Many things have happened in both of our lives.  And as we get older, sometimes we forget to take some time for ourselves.  We met up last summer for a makeup lesson.  We had a fun ladies day out and thought it’d be fun to do a makeover.  I asked Sherri to share her story, so here it is.

“Somewhere in my teens, I decided I always had to have my hair, makeup and clothes ‘done’ before I went out. And once I graduated from college and started my career in the corporate world, I wouldn’t leave the house without fixing myself (probably with more make-up and hair products than I needed). My mom taught me the art of matching shoes and purses. Always dressed ‘to the nines’.”

“Fast forward to the last 5 years. Leaving all connections with the corporate world, completing a drawn-out divorce, supporting my adult daughter through her struggles with illness, and then turning 50 and starting to feel my age for the first time.”

“I look in the mirror and I’m startled by my reflection. The only saving grace is that I’m not seeing very well, so it’s not THAT bad. Until I put on my glasses or see a photograph. And did I mention the hair, makeup, and clothes are no longer on the priority list at all.”

“Thanks to Wendy and Allen, I got to feel pretty again. Wendy did a fabulous job on my makeup and hair, and Allen was fun and encouraging, and the results of their efforts are evident in the photographs! I think I’ll put a little more effort into looking nice because it does help me to feel better about myself.”

“I’m so happy with my makeover! Allen Taylor Photography rocks!”

We had a blast at the photo shoot!  Allen and I loved working with Sherri.  She is a beautiful woman inside and out.  I had tears in my eyes seeing how happy she was with her makeover.  That was my goal – to remind her how beautiful she is.  I think Allen and I accomplished that.

Let your inner beauty come out to play!  I promise you, it’ll be just as fun.

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