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 Look how beautiful, handsome, and happy this bride and groom looked!  Well, I would be, too, if I was getting married.  😉

An intimate and yet tastefully beautiful backyard wedding was what Nargi had in mind for her son’s wedding.  Angie and David were very lucky that David’s mom, Nargi, planned and coordinated every detail of the wedding.  She did an amazing job!  

Using elegant touches, Nargi decorated the house and backyard to create a bit of wedding paradise.

It was a joyous moment as the couple exchanged vows and shared their love with those attending. It was also very special that many of Nargi’s family whom she has not seen in 25 years flew in from Columbia.  A family reunion and a very special wedding!  How awesome was that?

Even after the sun had set, everyone continued to enjoy the relaxed and fun atmosphere. From the first dance to the cake cutting love was truly in the air.

Thank you Nargi, for including Wendy and me in this very special day.  Congratulations Angie and David!  May your new life as husband and wife be filled with much happiness and joy!

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