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A Fairy Tale Fantasy

Allen Taylor Photography is proud to showcase our Portrait Contest Winner, Mahea!

Now Presenting, “Mahea’s Fairy Tale Fantasy”!

A long time ago, in a far away mystic wooded land, lived a sweet little girl name Mahea. 

Mahea loved to run, swing around and quickly turn at every bend.

So much that her lovely pink wings would always flutter in the wind!

Then one day the wind seemed to have disappeared.

“Oh dear!” cried Mahea. “What will I do? With no wind, how will I get my wings to flutter?”

“I must find the wind!”

So she searched and searched throughout the emerald forest. Nope not under the turtle. Nope not in the bushes.

Nope not here. Nope not anywhere, not even the gutter. 🙁

While looking high and low, she came upon a beautiful fairy princess. “Hello Fairy Princess, can you help me find the wind?”.

The Fairy Princess smiled and nodded. “Yay!”, yelled Mahea, “I know I’ll find it with a friend!”

Together off they went, swinging hand in hand, to find the lost wind. 

So that Mahea’s bright wings could flutter again.

They tried and tried without fear,

but not all the wishes or all the magic would make the wind appear.

Mahea was sad, “I want to give up.”

“If my wings can’t flutter I don’t want them, I’ll just crawl.”

And with that her wings disappeared.

Now where they once were, there was nothing at all.

“Oh no”. cried Mahea, “What have I done?” She slumped to the ground.

It was then, for the first time, the Fairy Princess spoke.

“My silly little sprite,”

With a wink of her eye, Mahea’s wings returned.

“you had the wind with you all the time.”

“Simply run and and play as you always did.”

“Then you will make your very own wind”

So Mahea did and it was true.

The wind was there all along

and it is there for you too.

The End


A special thanks to our contest winner Mahea and her parents Rene and Christine (The Fairy Princess). 

When Christine mentioned that Mahea always wanted to dress up like a fairy, Wendy and I immediately loved the idea. In addition to being a wonderful and accomplished model plus teaching Hula lessons, she was so cool joining her daughter with a fairy outfit of her own!

Who wants to be next?!

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