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Kawaii Desu Ne

This wasn’t the first time we have had the pleasure of visiting Ponte Winery and we hope it isn’t our last. This beautiful venue is surrounded by 300 acres of vineyards and lush gardens.  It is tranquil and romantic, a perfect backdrop for Kohei and Anri’s perfect wedding.  Did I say PERFECT?  YES!  This wedding was PERFECT in every way – from the most ‘kawaii’ (Cute in Japanese) bride to the handsome groom, not to mention the great-looking bridal party and guests!  This is one gorgeous wedding!  Because of the joy and fun we experienced while capturing Kohei and Anri’s wedding, we will easily keep it in our hearts and return.

Kohei and Anri opted to have a FIRST LOOK.  We couldn’t be happier to see Kohei’s reaction when he saw Anri in her wedding gown for the first time.  These first look moments are so precious!  It brought tears to their eyes and brought big smiles to our faces!

After the first look, we headed to the vineyard for some couple photos.  It was a very hot day, but the sky was beautiful and you could see the love in the air!  Kohei and Anri are a fun loving couple.  They are natural models and their photos came out spectacularly. 

We have not seen a more energetic and great wedding party than these fun people.  It was not possible to stop laughing, smiling, and talking taking their photographs.  The guys had custom made Nike sneakers with their initials and wedding date embroidered.  We think these sneakers gave them super power to jump really high.  What do you think? 😉

Hello lovelies!  These gorgeous ladies turned many many many heads many many many times!

As the ceremony time drew near, the hushed excitement built. With guests rushing to their seats and the sun just starting to hang low in the west, its beacon of light warmly bathed the stage in anticipation for the deeply captivating and seemingly timeless moment to come.

Wanting to give the wedding a special touch, many of the details for the wedding where put together personally by Anri and Kohei. It worked.

From the rings, to her own nails, and the trail mix for guests for the ride home after all it was all over.

Even the seating charts were special and unique. Each table represented a place where Koehi and Anri had been to on trips together. Adorned with a photograph of them at that place to seemingly point everyone in the right direction.  Wendy and I were seated at the Zion Table.  We truly appreciated the hospitality extended to us.

Amongst the festivities at the reception two things stood out. One was the choreographed secret dances that the wedding party sprung on their guests. One of which, by the groom and his cohorts, that involved a MC Hammer tribute complete with ridiculously funny costumes.

The second was the wedding cake. Anri’s mother not only took lessons to learn how to make it for her daughter’s special day, but also had to be certified and pursued a license so that it could be served at the wedding. A touching gift made with lots of love that even featured their pets.

Wendy and I adored and loved capturing Kohei and Anri’s wedding. A passionate couple, along with equal friends and family you will have trouble finding anywhere else.

Congrats to Kohei and Anri! Wendy and I know they will go far, but hopefully not too distant as their presence would be missed.

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