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Baby A.

Normally I would personally write about the subject of each blog, but this time I am going to open it up to Baby Ayden. It is my great pleasure to introduce you all to  Baby Ayden who was born on May 21, 2011 to Sarah and Errol Lolin whom we took a maternity session here.

Take it away Ayden!

Right I can see how all that light can be distracting.

Well sure, but your umbilical cord was going to fall off anyway. Wendy just happened to be holding you at the time.

Yeah Big Teddy loved meeting you too. You both got along great, and on the drive home he said he would love if you could visit him again some time very soon.

Absolutely, I thought all of these images worked very well. Wonderful idea on your part, very symbolic.

Yes, shout outs to your parents who are way cool. You are a very lucky, Ayden, to have such a loving and caring family.

Hope you don’t mind me cutting in, Ayden, but I have to say the nap time sequence was brilliant. The way you laid there was utterly sublime. Bravo!

Well I know you have to go with all your burping and spitting up to do. It was great having you today as our guest blogger. Make sure you say ‘Hi’ to your parents for us and let them know we truly enjoyed meeting you.

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