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Love is All You Need

Flying to Phoenix for an engagement shoot may not be as exotic as Hawaii, Bermuda or even Walla Walla for some . However,  with a great couple like Lisa and Kyle it’s very worth it and fun, especially if you throw in a gigantic red and blue “love” sculpture.

Upon our arrival, we first met Lisa at her Bridal Shower where she had on this gorgeous Fuchsia dress. We immediately knew we had to convinced her to wear it for the engagement shoot.

The locale couldn’t be more perfect.   It was easy to capture the Love…. sign.  After all the thing is huge. Okay, all kidding aside; Lisa and Kyle  were wonderful together throughout the shoot.  It was evident they share a deep devotion for each other.

Although the sun was out and bright,  we got a bit lucky that it wasn’t as hot as Phoenix can be famous for.  Wendy and I were able to capture many fun and romantic moments.

We saw the giant X sculpture and thought we’d complete the pictures with some O’s.  I mean can’t have the HUGS without some KISSES  right?

We can’t wait to fly back in just two more weeks to shoot the happy couple’s wedding. We know it will have a giant Love in it too.

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